Semarak, PowerChina signed RM1.883b project for green hydrogen production and storage in Perak

17 January 2024

KUALA LUMPUR – In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable energy, China Hydropower (Malaysia) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of PowerChina, and Semarak Renewable Energy Sdn. Bhd. have officially signed an integrated project deal in Perak, Malaysia.

The project which cost about RM1.883 billion encompasses green hydrogen production and storage through floating photovoltaic power generation. The general contracting contract was signed recently by Mohammad Shahil Ishak, Chairman of Semarak Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., and Ye Haoliang, Assistant General Manager, and Deputy General Manager of PowerChina’s Asia- Pacific Regional Headquarters.

Prior to the signing ceremony, both parties engaged in fruitful discussions, solidifying their commitment to leveraging resources for mutual benefit. Ye Haoliang emphasized the project’s alignment with the “ecological priority and green development” direction. The initiative involves the secondary development and utilization of an abandoned tin ore lake, marking a significant contribution to Malaysia’s green and low-carbon transformation.

PowerChina, leveraging its strengths in the new energy sector, pledged to expedite the project’s planning and construction, emphasizing its commitment to aiding Semarak in becoming a pioneer in Malaysia’s green hydrogen industry.

Shahil expressed gratitude for PowerChina’s robust presence in the new energy field and eagerly anticipated the success of their collaboration on this transformative project.

Situated in Perak, Malaysia, the project will focus on designing, procuring, and constructing floating photovoltaics, hydrogen production units, and hydrogen storage units. Notably, it will become Malaysia’s first large-scale green hydrogen production project utilizing floating photovoltaic power generation.

This achievement marks another significant milestone for PowerChina in the Malaysian national market, showcasing its prowess in photovoltaic and hydrogen energy. It underscores the company’s commitment to the high-quality ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, highlighting PowerChina’s leadership in the entire new energy industry chain as a global clean energy comprehensive services enterprise.

Since entering the Malaysian market in 1993, PowerChina has successfully undertaken over 150 projects with a total contract value exceeding US$7 billion. Notable projects such as the Bakun Hydropower Station, Hulu Terengganu Hydropower Station, Xiamen University Malaysia Branch, Sabah Convention and Exhibition Center, and Terengganu Majiang Large-scale Photovoltaic Project have played a pivotal role in fostering China-Malaysia economic and trade cooperation while driving Malaysia’s economic and social development.

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