Semarak Renewable Energy Sdn. Bhd.

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen

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Green Hydrogen

Floating Solar Photovoltaic & Hydrogen Electrolyzers

Semarak RE is set to embark on a groundbreaking renewable energy project with a staggering investment of USD 400 million in Perak. Centered around the development of a Floating Solar Farm, this project is poised to revolutionize Malaysia’s energy landscape and make significant strides towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

The ambitious project will be executed in two phases, each incorporating innovative technologies to harness renewable energy sources efficiently.

Phase 1 of the project will feature a combination of Floating Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels with a capacity of 130MW, alongside 60MW Hydrogen Electrolyzers and state-of-the-art storage and dispensing facilities. This phase represents a significant leap forward in integrating solar power generation with hydrogen production, marking a crucial step towards establishing a hydrogen economy.

Phase 2, slated for future development, will see the addition of another 130MW of Floating Solar PV capacity, accompanied by the conversion of hydrogen into ammonia. This forward-looking approach underscores Semarak RE’s commitment to continuous innovation and adaptation to emerging energy trends.

The project’s scope extends beyond mere electricity generation, with a strategic focus on hydrogen production for local sales. With a projected revenue ranging from USD 2.0 to 2.9 billion, the project aims to produce 22 metric tons of green hydrogen daily, catering to both domestic and international markets.

The choice of location for the Floating Solar Farm is equally strategic, with 70% of the installation planned for an ex-tin mine lake and the remaining 30% on flat land. This dual approach not only maximizes the utilization of existing resources but also mitigates environmental impact, showcasing Semarak RE’s commitment to responsible and sustainable development.

Moreover, the project’s planned operational lifespan of 25 years, coupled with a design lifespan of 30 years, underscores the company’s long-term vision and dedication to lasting impact.

Crucially, Semarak RE has secured off-take agreements with key industry players, including Petronas and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (the National Power Company), highlighting the project’s significance and broad industry support.